Fridal considers the safety of personnel & clients is a prime and most important factor in conducting our business. In this regard, Fridal has adopted a range of procedures to ensure full compliance with international safety regulations. Fridal was certified as OHSAS 18001 and recently awarded ISO 45001 which allows its organizations to focus on managing occupational health and safety.

We are committed to improve the environment by “going green” and achieving clean agriculture concept by using chemical-free production inputs. We are also pioneers in using solar power stations to extract water from wells within Al Wahat AlBahareya. We have installed 38 solar power plants to produce water from the wells and operates most of our facilities.

We believe that having women in our industry is a key point to our success, as women possess qualities that make them more focused on multi-tasking jobs.
Fridal's female employees represent more than 30% of the total employees, providing sustainable growth and development for our organization.

Being one of the most socially responsible companies in Egypt, and since some of our employees work in remote areas in Egypt, we employ local residents in these areas, support and train them in new agricultural techniques, renewable energy, water treatment, and maintenance activities that allow their community to benefit from the skills and experiences they have gained. Fridal also provides full medical insurance for all employees and full accommodation in remote locations, including social activities and recreational facilities.