Our Story

Who We Are:

Fridal is a privately owned Egyptian company established in 1957 with its headquarters located in 6th of October city.

The company started by growing Aromatic plants in the fifties in response to the increasing demand of essential oils. Accordingly, Fridal became one of the biggest producers and exporters of essential oils, absolutes, concretes as well as Herbs & Spices.

Fridal found itself fully involved in the perfumery world which led to a deeper interest in growing floral plants for concretes and absolutes. This was when Fridal increased its activities by producing perfumes, flavors & fragrances in the early eighties. Throughout the following ten years Fridal expanded its range of products in all its divisions. It also became one of the major producers and exporters of herbs & spices especially to the United States of America.

Today, Fridal is a major supplier of a wide range of products and offers an outstanding worldwide service to its customers. It has also started its expansions within the FMCG market through household and personal care products.

Our Success Story:

1957: Fridal began cultivating medicinal and aromatic plants in response to the increasing demand for the oils extracted from them. Accordingly, Fridal became one of the largest producers and exporters of essential oils such as geranium oil, French basil oil, jasmine oil, and chamomile oil.

1970: The company increased its activity and interest in growing medicinal and aromatic plants such as basil, parsley, coriander, and dill to meet customer needs.

1980: We decided to produce flavors and fragrances to complement our activity in producing oils, as a result of our necessary expertise.

2014: Starting a new business path by producing high-quality home and personal care products, and currently considered one of the leading companies in the Middle East with our famous reputation for “Frida” products and others.

2024: We diversify personal and household consumer products and turns to food consumer products such as (olive oil, honey, spices, fresh vegetables and fruits).

Our Mission:

Responding to our customer needs, while meeting high-quality standards, and committing to social responsibility and sustainability.

Our Vision:

We're looking forward to becoming the leading company locally and one of the top 10 globally, known as a main producer and exporter of fragrances & agri businesses and their related products.